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MFF-OPS Training Programs – Military Free Fall Parachute Operations

Product Code: MFF-OPS Training Programs
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Aero Innovations Limited are proud to be a distributor for MFF-OPS Training Programs. MFF-Ops conducts Military Free Fall (MFF) courses for military students and qualified parachutists. MFF-OPS 'all inclusive' packages allow students to concentrate on the learning process in a totally professional learning environment. MFF-OPS work with the customers requirements to provide the best training solution for your special forces. We offer training in C130, CASA, Skyvan, Twin Otter and PC6 aircraft - other aircraft types can be sourced upon request. MFF-OPS instructors are a team of former Special Forces operators and instructors, with a high level of MFF skills including - Team Leader, MFF Commando, AFF & Tandem Instructors, wind tunnel instructors, test jumpers, bundle master and USPA. The MFF -OPS Training Programs include:- * Military Free Fall Basic Courses. * Military Free Fall Advanced Courses. * Parachutist Oxygen Training Courses. * Team Leader Courses. * Release Point Calculation Courses. * Requalification Courses. * Military Tandem Master Courses. * Military Bundle Master Courses. * Mountain Military Free Fall Operations Courses. * Deliberate Water Military Free Fall Operations Courses. * Night Airborne Operations Courses. * Sniping Tactical Courses.

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Visit the MFF OPS Website for additional product information -


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The Company

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